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Stories & Essays, E-editions & Slims:


After leaving the Big City, Cristina Salat transitioned from a lifetime dancing at the speed of light with large and small publishers into creating a quieter Life (which currently negotiates the energies of an active volcano!). And from that process, a selection of nontraditional-but-fast-becoming-the-latest-new-publishing-thang "e-offerings" and trade paperback "Slims" (potency in small-sized packages!) began to blossom.


For example:


HOME IS WHERE YOU'RE HAPPY -- a collection of short stories, essays, & life snippets -- has unfolded as the first collaboration between e-book publishing and Green Flame Omnimedia...where a print version of Cristina's explorations of hope and of home as an unconventional author, ex-New York editor, independent filmmaker, activist, person of color, and founder of a tropical artist sanctuary in Hawaii, (etc!) were first born...tale by tale.


The full-sized HOME IS WHERE YOU'RE HAPPY collection along with sample-sized selections (with try-a-sample pricing!) are available in both print and e-versions...with the complete  collection including each *asterisk selection below, along with additional original stories & musings not listed here.


Titles marked with + also available in print as trade paperback Slims!



For those with a Kindle, e-selections can be enjoyed accessing the provided links below.


For those who have OTHER e-readers (or NO e-reader, the HOME IS collection &/or selections from it

can be obtained as PDFs readable on regular computers and in certain other older e-reader formats as well (inquire!)

via direct payment to the Paypal button below.



Enjoy a break in the everyday that's good for the soul! :)




Home Is Where You're Happy: A Collection of Stories, Essays & Life Snippets from Cristina Salat

Print-ISBNS: 978-1519661173; 1519661177   $16.95


(Personalized, signed edition from author purchased through this Creative Cornucopia store $40, including s&h)


E-ISBN: 978-1310873133    $9.99



Purchase print & e-version here:





SAMPLE SELECTIONS from the book available from (special sales of) .99 cents to $5.99...with slightly higher prices for print-published editions. (All prices subject to change):



* Going Home:



The first short story Cristina ever had published explores the question: Can you go home again?

A young mother and her small son return from the city to find out.







* + How To Get Your Life Working When It's Really NOT!:



There are basically only two things one can do when life isn't working:

capitalize on what you've already done, or do something entirely new.

As a writer and ex-New York editor stuck in dark-night-of-the-soul crisis

3000 tropical miles from anywhere, I wound up doing both.







* Say Goodbye To Dana:



In a wild flower grove not so very far away, a land of little people riding butterflies

aim to save themselves from the planet's ogres of extinction.







* + Rabonchone:



Is it true what they say about soul connection being unconditional, blind, & conquering all?

One new Internet friend providing info on Florida as Linda prepares for the Big Move will help her find out!







* Witch Work:



Celta-Dawn is a Scottish witch with blossoming powers.

She used to be able to travel with trees just using the sound of her voice.

She does not sell beauty oils. On the other hand, the rent is due.








* This Ship Called Earth: An Essay:



Remember the Hollywood movie "Titanic," where we cried en masse,

rooting for a system of first class people versus steerage to topple?

We are that system.

Now how do we get it, in real life, to topple?

Indigenous people recruit for the new frontier.








* Hungry Wolf & the Three Capable Femmes:



Tasty one-nighters were no longer enough.

Though Wolf was once quite the glorious butch-about-town,

she now wanted breakfast together the next morning and every morning after.

She wanted to play house -- no, not play it! -- live it. (Recent therapy had taught her the difference.)

Wolf was hungry for the real thing.









* User Friendly:



What does it take to create a family where children are safe? 









* Who Will Lead?:




There was a time not so long ago when one woman and one girl attending a high school prom together

was dangerous, scandalous, impossible. This true story happened during that time.






* Stentor:



Music. Multi-million dollar concerts. Energy. Consequences.

Who is responsible for what rock gods do & say?











College love. Does it ever last?

Especially when begun in secret?







Sharing Richard:



August, Susan, and Richard used to be family.

Can wanting to be part of something warm & good turn out to be a trap...

if you let yourself stay in something that's not?







Snail Trails



Will True Love survive a trip through Confederate, meat-eating Ohio

to the world-changing Michigan Womyn's Music Festival

if you -- as the main character in the movie of your very own life -- are running on empty...

and the Love of Your Life is a vegetarian, ex-straight-girl, not yet quite 21?!







+ After Titanic



There are those who say the Titanic sunk

for reasons far beyond just a collision with ice.







* Write For A Living



One learns many lessons about being, and staying, a paid author.

On my bulletin board are keys to writing success. They keep me moving forward.








* + Hawaii: Heaven or Hell?



Life in Hawaii, what's not to like, it's paradise, right?

Turns out, life on an active is full of all kinds of surprises...!









Vibrational Healing In Troubled times



Can the magic of ancient resonance help thwart Planet Earth's Sixth Extinction?









+ America The Beautiful



Some form of reparation for the host of social ills leftover from things like slavery and Indian genocide would just be doing the right thing...righting some wrongs...don't you agree??







New e-offerings added regularly!


Check back here, or at Amazon:



Order PDF (or non-Kindle e-formats) here:




Purchase HOME IS WHERE YOU'E HAPPY collection print &/or e-version here!



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