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trade paperback ISBN: 978-1534943247, 1534943242

mass market ISBN: 978-1535008945, 1535008946

e-edition ISBN: 978-1310046476




Amelia once ran from a father who had custody to begin a new life and identity in San Francisco, LIVING IN SECRET with her mother...but was eventually found and brought back to her father's home, which soon became abusive.


Almost 14 now, it is time to take matters into her own hands. A dad having sex with his own kid is a crime, isn't it? Aren't criminals supposed to be in jail? In the thought-provoking sequel ESOTERICA, Amelia is determined to make a legal place for herself with her chosen family in California. Maybe it's time for a lot of things about America to change!







E-edition ISBN: 9781311502605

Trade Print ISBN: 978-1518829000

Mass Market paperback ISBN: 978-1523793624





Excerpt from the LIVING IN SECRET sequel ESOTERICA can be found on this site's "In The Womb" product page: http://creativecornucopia.miiduu.com/in-the-womb, which features a combo edition of the original novel & its long-awaited sequel.



An excerpt from THE SKIN OF WATER/DEFENDING THE DREAMCATCHERS can be found below!





Defending The Dreamcatchers



Lisel Martinez is not a rough-&-tumble kind of person, so what is someone more interested in books and plants than in having a hot social life doing out on the most dangerous streets in San Francisco?!  Is there really anything one 16-year-old girl who no longer has a home can do to keep herself safe in a world that seems anything but?!

     From the author of the award-winning Living In Secret ("courageous and thought-provoking,"        Publisher's Weekly) and Alias Diamond Jones (Ghostwriter series), comes a contemporary            quest from the mesas of New Mexico to the streets of San Francisco as one modern-day               pueblo teen searches for a life different from the one that seems destined to be her fate.







            The night I left the land of piñon pine and sage, I stared at the front door open, not how I'd left it, stuff: clothes, furniture, books, my father's work table, our black rubber boots and tools, piled high on the ground.

            Sometimes, when the wind shifts with unforeseen change, at first, you are confused. 

            For a short while, in honor of those who crossed ice ages and land bridges to find a new place, I walked this way: toe heel, toe heel...indian dancing...saying goodbye.

            Large wings above swooped low. There was a tiny scream as something gave up its life to something bigger.

            Bird of prey.


            Even on wide open highways, darkness is a hunting time.



           The pad between my legs, soaked with essence, rubbed my thighs raw. Road stretched before me, an endless dark ribbon, lit only by moon. I could hear the ancients whisper.

            Then I put all that behind me and strode forward, left foot, right foot, my boots swallowing miles.

            In my mind, tiny red drops left behind me a trail that would be gone by morning.

            When she was younger, my grandmother fed her blood to the land. Her garden always had the tallest corn, the ripest tomatoes, the fattest, greenest lettuce.

            "There is nothing as nourishing as a woman’s monthly,"   she would nod, hands clasped over her belly.   "Food for the earth. For what is yet to be."

            “In this class I’ll have a split personality,” Joe explains as I sit on the gray mat in the small pink and gray San Francisco church with other women.

            “Without the helmet, I’m Joe. I’ll be talking in circle and helping you through drills. But when I put the helmet on, I’m your attacker. I’ll be doing my best to break your spirit. It’s either you or me, and you’re here to learn to defend yourselves, so don’t apologize for beating me to a pulp.”

            Around the mat, women titter nervously. The man's large padded hands rest against a large padded helmet.

           "The first techniques we’ll learn are: a solid knee to the groin, and how to bite and elbow your way out of a hold from behind." Joe puts the helmet back on.

           Denise demonstrates.

           He grabs her, locking her short round body against his gigantic silver one.

           Magically she frees herself, yelling for someone to call the police.

           It is like TV. I watch, not believing.

           We form a line. I am in the middle, but Denise calls me first.

           I step onto the mat.

           The man in the silver moon suit shakes a fist.

           My body is shaking.

           "Any injuries?" Denise asks, turning me to face away from him.

           The movement of my head says no.

           "Lisel’s ready," she says, stepping back.






Lucy Bledsoe

Caucasian author

The Big Bang Symphony, Working Parts, This Wild Silence:


"I love this book! It moves along quickly and the story is very absorbing.

I particularly admired the crisp, tight writing. You are great with dialogue.

You've taken on so much and really handled it well."



Regina VanVoerkom

Nez Perce/Caucasian teen:


"I liked how you described the characters. I like their attitude!

It's not too slow or too fast, and it's not boring at all!"



Heather Flewelling

African-American street-youth services case manager:


"An honest look at young women's issues:

rape, homelessness, poverty, racism, family, etc.

I really liked having a sense of the pain of life without feeling blown over by it.

I found the self-defense sections frighteningly real.

Very powerful stuff!

Made me cry, touched deeply on my own fears,

but showed women not being powerless."



Alesia Kunz

Caucasian therapist:


"A great, exciting book for teenagers about teenagers

-- homelessness, race, gender -- everything.

(Also) for parents of teenagers, educators,

librarians, people who work with teens."




Want to hear more about the behind-the-scenes journey of bringing this novel to life?

Defending The Dreamcatchers has its own blog! 





The Skin of Water:


Empowerment is just a word...until you live it.






Trade print, mass market, & e-editions available wherever fine books are found, including local libraries,  bookstores, & Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/The-Skin-Water-Defending-Dreamcatchers-ebook/dp/B019BI3FAI


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