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Isn't it exciting when you find gems gleaned years ago just as valuable today as they were then?!


These pearls of wisdom were sent as an "aloha" to folks on my email list during a pivotal year:



"Before she made it big, Jewel lived out of her van singing to coffee houses...Jim Carrey did comedy clubs, barely making ends meet...Michael Jordan did NOT make his high-school basketball team.


Walt Disney went bankrupt 7 times AND had a nervous breakdown before Disneyland was born...Japan’s Fujimoto landed the perfect triple-somersault dismount to win the gold medal WITH a broken knee...Earnest Hemingway rewrote one book 39 times before he went on to win Pulitzer and Nobel prizes.

Wyland painted in a basement & sold his paintings for $35, now his Hawaiian galleries sell them for $200,000...everyone told Henry Ford his ideas for mass affordable automobiles were ridiculous, today (for better or worse) most of us are driving!


At 60, Colonel Sanders left home with his special recipe for Southern Fried Chicken and received 300 rejections before he found someone to believe in his chain-restaurant idea...Sir Isaac Newton, now considered a genius, was considered 'nuts' by his own generation...and 'women can’t fly airplanes!' everyone told Amelia Earhart in 1932!"


(from Jack Canfield & Kent Healy’s fun book The Success Principals)



The moral of these stories...?

Keep on keepin' on! :)


Want more mullings aimed at world inspiration? 

Here's a few of mine:


* "As someone technologically-delayed (and proud of it!),

I recognize that one of the biggest gift in times of sea change -- personal and planetary --

is coming to understand: no matter what surprising detours life takes,

you may never actually be off-track...like I was once sure I was."


How To Get Your Life Working

When It's Really NOT!

e-essay: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B015K0BT7W



* "The ship called Earth on which we stand is sinking.

The time to make better choices and insist on life rafts for all was yesterday.

Is there common ground?

Yes. We are standing on it."


This Ship Called Earth

Updated essay from The Humanist: Magazine of Critical Inquiry & Social Concern.

Revised e-version: here


* "Wolf was not pretty; she was dashing.

She had short brown hair, long brown limbs

and a smile that could charm femmes into bed...

or so it had always been."


Once Upon A Time, Masquerade Books

Or e-version now available:




* "One day will our people put your microwaves under glass

and say with studied authority:

In white culture

the women creatively cooked without heat?"


Winds of Change Magazine


* "At 28, in an empty Oregon church,

I look for god

who looks something like me, only bigger."


Sacred River Newsweekly



* Further explorations of this beautiful thing we call Life can be found in these autographed books, including Living In Secret  ("In the middle of the night, my mother comes to steal me away..."), whose long-ago, award-winning characters are revisited in the forthcoming Esoterica. 


* Also always happy to join forces towards getting more good out into the world...so lots o' possibilities for collaboration here!



Warm aloha until our paths next intersect!


If you'd like to receive sporadic hellos (1-3 times a year tends to be how often I get a personal what's-new-with-me sent out), let me know you'd like to be placed on my mailing list here: sharkdolphintunes@yahoo.com


Blessings for now!




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