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Creative Non-Fiction:




How to form and sustain a creative community retreat center

while maintaining Life, Love & The Pursuit of Happiness!



Ever wonder how artist retreats, spiritual healing centers, and intentional communities get born? Why some fail...and how some survive & thrive?


At long last, the rollicking & thought-provoking adventures of our years exploring the living of intentional artistic/spiritual "community" on the Big Island of Hawaii is underway! :D


Learn how spending pivotal holidays with total strangers can wind up transforming your life!

Find out how enlightenment may just be found while conquering painful betrayals you did not see coming (& would have avoided if possible!)

Discover the nature of how humans can go about achieving personal (& therefore world) peace!



Enjoy the journey in its entirety with COMMUNITY: THE COMPLETE MISSING MANUAL (Stages 1 - 13), available in print (color or black/white) & e-editions.


Or check out our adventures in stage-by-stage e- or print-edition installments that focus specifically on Building Community, Money, Love, Magic, Community Guidelines, etc. (most under $15 when obtained through the below links)!




Stage 1, The Beginning:



Stage 2, Closing/Opening Kingdoms:



Stage 3, Ho'oponopono:



Stage 4, Love:


Stage 12, Miracles:






Stage 13, Kulana Artist Sanctuary Guidelines:








Founder & friends of Kulana Artist Sanctuary & Kulana Goddess Sanctuary -- an ever-evolving environment & living-laboratory "experience" of co-creating shared home on an active volcano in the tropics -- have long welcomed short-term creative/spiritual visitors & long-term residents from all over the world...and over the years we discovered some answers to society's questions about whether humans CAN learn to live more harmoniously here on our beloved Planet Earth.


Part personal stories, part how-to manual, with lots of pix along the way...join us for eras blissful & eras torturous(!) in this lively, informative, sometimes funny, always thought-provoking read.



Whether or not you've spent time in this -- or any -- form of intentional community, as one of our people once said: "Community is just another word for people..." and all of us are sharing this world -- in greater & lesser degrees of harmony -- with some of those! ;)



Personalized copy of the first print edition of the complete book can be ordered from this e-store site, or via the Paypal donations button below.


Shipping & Handling in the U.S. is included. :)

(Don't forget to include your mailing address!)





Thanks so much for your support!




(P.S. Want to experience Kulana's latest incarnation personally? http://kulanagoddesssanctuary.blogspot.com)

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