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Developmental "Red-Line" Edits of: 


book/magazine manuscripts

play/film scripts

promotional materials

children's books

book proposals

newspaper articles

submission or query letters


available, schedule permitting, from author/ex-New York editor CRISTINA SALAT, whose own work for children and adults has been consistently acknowledged by the trades as "crafted with insight and skill" and has received awards such as:

New York Public Library Best Book,

Tower.com's bestsellers on Family, Marriage & Divorce,

American Library Associations' "Best" of the Best Books for Young Adults.



EDITING PRICE QUOTE: Fees based on project parameters. New & returning clients desiring

* industry-caliber edit assessing strengths/flaws/marketability of writing project, proposal, or submssions/query letter,

* accompanied by suggestions for effective revision

* plus an update of the publishing industry as it pertains to the project,


CONTACT: Cristina sharkdolphintunes@yahoo.com indicating

1) type of manuscript,

2) double-spaced page-length,

3) plus intended audience and publisher (adult, children's, N.Y. house, university press, small or new independent press, self).


FEE: Upon receipt of agreed-upon payment (Paypal, checks, money orders accepted, made payable to: "CRISTINA SALAT"), along with


MANUSCRIPT: cleanly printed, double-spaced, in easily legible type size and font, with at least 1-inch margins, plus


SASE: self-addressed, self-stamped envelope with adequate postage to return manuscript first class


Cristina will go over proposal or project as she's done for numerous publishers and emerging/established authors...and clients will receive the return of edited manuscript, with overall assessment plus publishing industry update as it pertains to project in the form of a letter accompanying return of edited manuscript.




* All editing done pre-paid, schedule permitting; out-of-state checks often require a 10-day hold.

* General editing turnaround time = 2 - 8 weeks.

* Technical information books no longer edited.

* Manuscripts beyond 500 pages edited by special arrangement only.

* "Subsequent-pass" edits for work recently reviewed = 20% less new fee quote based on subsequent draft's new page count.




"It seems impossible that (our time together) has ended this soon!

What I enjoyed most about your insight was its dream quality and its exploration of imagination, combined with your knowledge of the industry.

You have a talent for balance. Thanks for sharing."

Chris A. H.

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