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Author-autographed paperback & hardcover originals


from adult fiction/nonfiction to classic and ground-breaking children's books, including the first ever children's novel from a mainstream New York press to deal with contemporary family issues still enlivening the news today!


Recipients receive signed book with personalized message, author's choice, depending upon what editions are currently on hand.


These projects from Cristina Salat's adventures in the world of publishing reviewed by trade publications from Publisher's Weekly to fans as:


"a well balanced story that promotes a host of good things...Bravo!"

"a lively page-turner"

"great good humor and thoughtfulness"

"adorable, exuberant and full of life"

"sure to delight young readers while honing their survival skills"




"Although it's just a TV tie-in, it rises above its source. This is one of the best children's books I've seen in a long while"


"Useful across the curriculum (literature, history, world cultures, multicultural studies) or to provoke discussion about human rights"


"Two friends and I bought 120 copies of this book and we're passing them around the United States!"


"When a book that sets out to do good turns out to be as good as this one, we are all winners."

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